National Housing Fund Scheme (NHF)

National Housing Fund Scheme (NHF)

NHF is a scheme created by Federal Government and managed by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. The objective of the scheme is to enable every Nigerian have access to affordable and decent homes through Primary Mortgage Banks (PMB)-NPMB.

NPMB guarantees you quick and stress free access to the National Housing Fund subject to compliance with guidelines.



  • Low interest rate.
  • Long tenor of 30 years to ease repayment burden.
  • Fixed rate mortgage throughout the duration of the loan, such that you don’t worry about fluctuating interest rates.
  • The loan amount you benefit from is much more than your contribution into the fund.
  • Own your home before retirement.


What to do:

  • Open a Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank Mortgage Account. Application must be made on a prescribed NHF loan application form.
  • Equity contribution.
  • Letter of awareness from employer.
  • Evidence of income
  • Valid registered title.
  • Deed of Sale between Vendor and Purchaser which includes the clause that the vendor will execute a Deed of Assignment upon receipt of balance of payment.
  • Copy of NHF Passbook showing updated remittance.